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  Tulshi Qualcrete duly registers under company act 2002 and having its corporate office in Navi Mumbai.The said company provide complete construction chemical service under single window. It has qualified, experience and well equipped specialized team. We are one of the leading service provider in the epoxy flooring field in India. The unlimited range of floor toppings includes: Latest environmental friendly solvent free, water based, Zero VOC floorings and coatings based on EPOXY / EPU & PU to meet International norms of USDA, USFDA, WHO, LEED and OSHA standards.



Before start if work CDS tests need to be carried out as under:


Checking for cleanliness: Water is sprinkled on the concrete surface. If water beads instead of simply spreading out in a uniform film, then the surface is likely to be contaminated with grease or oil.

Checking for dryness: New concrete normally requires a 28 days cure before surface preparation and application of coating. Use moisture meters which would give instant reading of residual moisture. Moisture should be less than 5% before doing priming the surface. (Note –In case of higher moisture % , we have to wait for getting it dry or use halogen lamps and artificial drying method or else we can also offer your Epoxy resin based selfleveling cementitious screed which can reduce the moisture to 4-5% within 24 to 48 hours. This moisture barrier layer can be laid at extra cost) Alternative test method (in case moisture meter is not available) Permeability test as per ASTM D 4263
Standard test plastic sheet method: This method involves taping an 18”x18” polyethylene sheet of 100 microns to the concrete surface. The sheet should remain in place at least for 24 hours. If there is condensation inside the sheet, or the area is darkened, it is the indication that the concrete is having moisture at above the accepted levels.

Surface preparation:

Concrete must be clean and rough. All oil, dirt, debris, loose epoxy coatings, sealers and unsound concrete must be removed. The surface must be prepared mechanically using a surface grinder with diamond grinding disc. The final step in cleaning shall be the complete removal of all residues by manual /vacuum.
Removal of all loose dust
Removal of all loose old epoxy layer

Groove Cutting: All the cold joints/construction joints will be opened by groove cutting upto 10mm depth. All the grooves will be cut at the joints of metal plates/angles/channel sections. The grooves will be cleaned to remove all loose dust. Cutting of the grooves will be in the scope of Civil Contractor.

Application procedure:

Filling of all pot holes. Pot holes if any should be properly prepared to remove any loose dust and to be filled along with screeding.

Filling and Sealing fine cracks and construction Joints: All the opened floor cracks, construction joints need to be primed with Primer and filled with Epoxy screed. As an alternate, cracks and joints can be filled along with repair mortar and followed by priming the surface with epoxy/pu primer, selfsmoothening epoxy screed of require thickness and laying of topping or coating in desire shade.

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